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Meaning of Aparmita Buddha Thangka

​Thangka painting depicting Aparmita is the manifestation of Amitabha Buddha in his Bestower of Longevity aspect. He is commonly regarded as either a celestial Buddha of Infinite Life or a fully realized Bodhisattva. Aparmita attained Buddhahood many eons ago as a result of his merit accumulated over past lives as a Bodhisattva. 


Apartmita is seated on a double lotus pedestal with his hands in a meditative gesture (Dhyana Mudra) holding his identifying attribute, the vase of elixir (Kalasha). His hand gesture represents the untiy of wisdom and compassion. Aparmita wears a crown and regal jewelry consisting of elaborate necklaces, large earrings inset with coral and turquoise stones, and a flowing scarf over his shoulders that loops at the elbows and falls over the lower arms.

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