Tibetan Thangka painting depicting Aparmita Buddha is perfect for various home décor ideas! All our Thangka paintings and Tibetan mandalas are easy to buy online from our art gallery in central London, UK. To find out more about our Thangka paintings please visit 'What is Thangka?' page.


This 100% hand-drawn Thangka painting made using 24 Carat Gold in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal can be decorated as an elegant and eccentric wall hanging in your home or office being a centrepiece of attention. It can also be placed on your family altar for meditation purposes as well as spiritual and emotional healing, attracting benevolent energy of the Tibetan Buddhist art. To find out more about ancient symbolism infused in Thangkas please visit 'Thangka Secrets' page.


More about Aparmita Buddha Thangka Art

The painting depicts Aparmita, who is the manifestation of Amitabha Buddha in his Bestower of Longevity aspect. He is commonly regarded as either a celestial Buddha of Infinite Life or a fully realized Bodhisattva. Aparmita attained Buddhahood many eons ago as a result of his merit accumulated over past lives as a Bodhisattva. 


Apartmita is seated on a double lotus pedestal with his hands in a meditative gesture (Dhyana Mudra) holding his identifying attribute, the vase of elixir (Kalasha). His hand gesture represents the untiy of wisdom and compassion. Aparmita wears a crown and regal jewelry consisting of elaborate necklaces, large earrings inset with coral and turquoise stones, and a flowing scarf over his shoulders that loops at the elbows and falls over the lower arms.

Aparmita Buddha Thangka

  • Specification

    • Limited Edition
    • Dimensions: 34 x 26 cm (13.4" x 10.2" inches)
    • Materials: 24 Carat Gold; Precious & Semi-Precious Natural Minerals mixed with Hide Glue
    • Canvas: Organic Cotton
    • Origin: Nepal
  • Availability

    Please check the availability of this Thangka by sending us an email at info@gammas.com. Due to high demand and the limited nature of stock some paintings may not be readily available in the colour and size advertised. In the odd case the painting is not available we can commission the painting of your choice to be painted in Nepal or offer you alternative paintings in the same style & design
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