Thangka painting depicts Mahakala, a wrathful Buddhist deity, who is considered to be the fierce and powerful emanation of Avalokitesvara and Chakrasamvara. This guardian deity defends Dharma from corruption & degeneration. He guides and protects one from all kinds of deception & delusion, and bestows the power to overcome life struggles.


Mahakala is considered one of the most important Dharmapalas, protectors of Dharma, also known as Universal Laws. Decorating his crown, are the five skulls, symbols of the transmutation of the five 'kleshas', negative emotions, into the five wisdoms. His face is meant to frighten bad spirits away and keep away negative energies, thoughts and actions.

Mahakala is also worshiped by Hindus as the ultimate manifestation of Lord Shiva and his consort MahaKali, representing the enormous power of Brahman.



This Thangka is Painted Using Only Precious Himalayan Minerals & Stones. It is a Very Rare & Unique Piece, which Rightfully Deserves to be a Part of a Museum or Private Collection.



This thangka is handpainted by Lama. Lama is a title officially extended only to the few dozen Tibetan Buddhist monks who have achieved the highest level of spiritual development. Lamas are considered to be the highest quality thangka painters and create art exclusively with 24 Carat Gold and Sterling Silver. Before being "released to the world" these paintings are prayed upon by a Lama and the whole temple, bestowing them with blessings and positive energy. Some people believe that a painting made by a lama can bring good fortune because lama leaves part of his energy in the painting. It is said that even looking upon such a painting will place a positive imprint within one's mind resulting in future happiness. Frequently, these paintings have special protective blessings inscribed at the back of them.



This Thangka is painted in Newari style. The Newari style has its origins in the Valley of Kathmandu in Nepal, where Newa people lived and created. Newari artists were renowned throughout Asia for the high quality of their workmanship. In certain periods, their style had tremendous influence on the art of Tibet and China. The combination of Tibetan art made in the traditional Newari way has been acknowledged to create beautiful and intriguing masterpieces.


Newari paintings are commonly kept in museums and private collections in the West and Asia. There are only a handful of genuine painters left, who can draw in this way, as it requires perfecting both Tibetan painting technique and Newari painting style. Hence, Newari style paintings are rarely reproduced nowadays and have near enough become extinct.

Mahakala - Lama Painted - Newari Style

    • This Artwork is Unique
    • Dimensions: 61 x 46 cm (24" x 18.1" inches)
    • Materials: Precious Natural Minerals & Stones mixed with Hide Glue
    • Canvas: Organic Cotton
    • Origin: Nepal