Thangka painting depicts Buddhist deity White Zambala, God of Wealth. Among the five different Wealth Zambalas, he is considered one of the most powerful together with Yellow Zambala, also known as Kubera. White Zambala is believed to be a manifestation of Avalokitesvara and born from his right eye. He sits on a snow lion, holding a mongoose named Nehulay, which spews forth precious jewels and ornaments. He is said to be able to grant wishes and help increase financial abundance.



This thangka is handpainted by Lama. Lama is a title officially extended only to the few dozen Tibetan Buddhist monks who have achieved the highest level of spiritual development. Lamas are considered to be the highest quality thangka painters and create art exclusively with 24 Carat Gold and Sterling Silver. Before being "released to the world" these paintings are prayed upon by a Lama and the whole temple, bestowing them with blessings and positive energy. Some people believe that a painting made by a lama can bring good fortune because lama leaves part of his energy in the painting. It is said that even looking upon such a painting will place a positive imprint within one's mind resulting in future happiness. Frequently, these paintings have special protective blessings inscribed at the back of them.

White Zambala - Lama Painted

    • Limited Edition
    • Dimensions: 65 x 50 cm (24.8" x 17.3" inches)
    • Materials: 24 Carat Gold; Precious & Semi-Precious Natural Minerals mixed with Hide Glue
    • Canvas: Organic Cotton
    • Origin: Nepal