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Thangka painting, depicting Om Namo Narayanaya Mandala, is an exquisite piece of art that exudes elegance and eccentricity. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Tibetan Thangka can also aid in meditation, promoting spiritual and emotional healing, while attracting the benevolent energy of Tibetan Buddhist art.


This Thangka painting is an incredibly unique and rare piece, commissioned by special request. What sets it apart is the fact that it features the Hindu mantra, "Om Namo Narayanaya," which is not typically seen in traditional Tibetan Buddhist art. This fusion of spiritual traditions makes this Thangka painting a truly exceptional work of art.

Om Namo Narayanaya is said to invoke the powerful and benevolent attention and blessings of Narayanaya (the Supreme Lord in the Hindu pantheon). Om is the cosmic sacred syllable, encompassing all of the Universe, energy, and consciousness. Namo means "to bow to." Narayanaya takes its root from the Sanskrit word for water, naara, while anaya means "resting place" or "shelter." Thus, the word is another name for the Hindu god Vishnu, whose resting place is water. Alternatively, naara can also mean "living entities," so Narayanaya can also mean the "resting place of all living entities."


Tibetan mandala is a tantric tool used for concentration and meditation. Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice which means ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’. It can help with tapping into and embracing our inherent energy to be more in tune with body, heart and soul.


Mandalas are perfectly shaped creating a sacred geometry. They are used as a spiritual guidance tool for establishing sacred space which is beneficial for the energy flow in the place they are hung.


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Om Namo Narayanaya Mandala Thangka | Hindu Mantra

只剩 1 件庫存
  • Limited Edition
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm (15.7" x 15.7" inches)
  • Materials: Precious & Semi-Precious Natural Minerals mixed with Hide Glue
  • Canvas: Organic Cotton
  • Origin: Nepal


Thangka Painting Technique







通过在Gammas艺术画廊投资一幅唐卡,您获得的不仅仅是一幅画作 - 您正在成为一个古老的艺术传统的一部分,推动精神成长,延续这种崇高的艺术形式。

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