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Thangka painting, depicting Medicine Buddha, is an exquisite piece of art that exudes elegance and eccentricity. This mesmerizing Tibetan Thangka serves as a stunning decor element and an aid in meditation, promoting spiritual and emotional healing, while attracting the benevolent energy of Tibetan Buddhist art.


Unveil the mesmerizing Medicine Buddha Thangka, a stunning work of art that embodies the healing and compassionate energies of this revered Buddhist deity. The Medicine Buddha is the supreme healer in Mahayana Buddhism, known for his ability to cure physical, mental, and spiritual ailments, as well as to alleviate suffering. The healing Buddha is also believed to neutralize past negative karma, bring good fortune to those in need, and guide individuals on their path to enlightenment.


The exquisite thangka portrays the Medicine Buddha in his iconic form, seated in a meditative posture, radiating a serene and calming aura. His right hand holds the myrobalan plant, a powerful healing herb, while his left hand cradles a lapis lazuli bowl brimming with medicinal nectar. These symbols signify his profound connection to the healing arts and his dedication to the well-being of all sentient beings.


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Medicine Buddha Thangka

只剩 1 件庫存
  • Limited Edition
  • Dimensions: 61 x 44 cm (24" x 17.3" inches)
  • Materials: Precious & Semi-Precious Natural Minerals mixed with Hide Glue
  • Canvas: Organic Cotton
  • Origin: Nepal


Thangka Painting Technique







通过在Gammas艺术画廊投资一幅唐卡,您获得的不仅仅是一幅画作 - 您正在成为一个古老的艺术传统的一部分,推动精神成长,延续这种崇高的艺术形式。

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