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What is the Meaning of Amitabha Buddha Thangka

Thangka painting depicting Amitabha Buddha is also known as 'The Buddha of Immeasurable Light and Life'. Amitabha was a king who renounced his throne to become a monk. 


According to Mahayana scriptures, Amitabha possesses infinite merits resulting from good deeds over past lives as a bodhisattva named Dharmakara. Buddha Amitabha now reigns over 'Sukhavati', the western paradise, also known as the 'Pure Land'.

Amitabha is a symbol of comprehensive love, longevity and wisdom. He has red skin and is dressed in monk's robes sitting in a lotus position. His hands are folded in a meditation mudra holding a bowl containing the nectar of immortality.

All of our paintings come from the original birthplace of Thangkas, which is Tibet, Nepal, North India and Bhutan. Depending on the size and quality of details it can take an artist up to three years to complete a single piece, using 24 Carat Gold, Sterling Silver and Himalayan precious & semi-precious minerals.


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