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What is the Meaning of Chakrasamvara Buddha Thangka

Thangka painting depicting Buddhist deities Heruka Chakrasamvara together with his consort, Vajrayogini. Together they represent the union of wisdom and compassion, Emptiness and Bliss, which leads directly to the Enlightenment of the mind. As a tantric Buddha, Heruka uses energies such as attachment, anger, desire, hatred as a means to achieving Enlightenment, instead of suppressing them. He helps one redirect one's negative energies into something beneficial.


Buddha Shakyamuni himself manifested in the form of Heruka Chakrasamvara to subdue the God Ishvara for the benefit of all beings. Heruka’s practice is one of the highest tantras in Buddhism and is unique because it is the only Tantra whose effectiveness increases at the times of hardship.

All of our paintings come from the original birthplace of Thangkas, which is Tibet, Nepal, North India and Bhutan. Depending on the size and quality of details it can take an artist up to three years to complete a single piece, using 24 Carat Gold, Sterling Silver and Himalayan precious & semi-precious minerals.


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