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The Story of Gammas

Gammas is the only Tibetan art gallery that sells exclusively premium quality Tibetan Thangka paintings online. Our gallery in the central London, UK has a unique selection of Thangka paintings that rightly so deserve to be displayed in the best museums and private collections around the world. Nevertheless, we have ensured that our prices have stayed affordable and are sometimes even cheaper than can be found locally in the Himalayas.


Gammas is inspired by the beautiful and spiritual art collection of the Buddhist culture and we believe it can bring a fresh perspective to the world. We strongly believe that art has the power to transform the world to the better state. Especially, the type of art that has been around for thousands of years and is part of an ancient philosophy of non-violence.

In search of exciting, yet obscure art pieces, we have travelled to many corners of the world. Our interest was caught by Tibetan art, which is both a captivating piece of art and a spiritual tool for meditation. We have travelled all over Himalayas, which is the ancient birthplace of Thangka. Our journey took us to the most secluded areas in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and North India to find these hidden gems - the best quality Thangkas ever painted - and offer them to the rest of the world.

Our foremost concern was to find the best quality Thangkas & Mandalas that money can buy. We have visited hundreds of temples and private art dealers to make sure this goal was achieved. However, we were also very considerate of who we select as our partners. We wanted to make sure that our suppliers have strong ethical grounds. We chose to work with suppliers whom in their native and wider regions, run various charity organisations that provide care and aid for people in need.

​Over time, we have become the leading brand for Thangkas outside of Asia and we ensure to offer premium quality paintings to be enjoyed by you! By buying art from our shop you are contributing to the positive change in the wider Himalayan region.

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