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Frequently Asked Questions

At Gammas Art Gallery, we are delighted to share our extensive knowledge and expertise on the captivating world of Tibetan art.

What is a Thangka?

Thangka is an ancient type of Tibetan art, which has been practiced and preserved in the Himalayan region for over two thousand years. Thangka is a Tibetan word, which means 'recorded message'. The painting can be explored like a map through visual symbols and colours.


Authentic premium quality Thangkas are rarely reproduced nowadays and have near enough become extinct. Thangkas are meant to combine fine art with spirituality, to create a captivating art piece filled with philosophical meaning.


To find our more please visit 'What is Thangka' page.


What kind of paint is used to create a Thangka?

The paint used to make a premium quality Thangka is derived from precious & semi-precious natural minerals, crystals and plant materials, such as pearl, coral, lapiz lazuli, cinnabar, sulfur, azurite, malachite and others. These natural substances are well known for their healing properties and power.


The artist grinds the material to a fine powder and mixes it with hide glue and water to create the paint. This guarantees that the colours of the painting stay vivid and vibrant throughout the years. The final touch is made by applying 24 Carat Gold and Sterling Silver.

Feel free to visit 'What is Thangka' page for more information.

What is the importance of Thangka in Buddhism?

Thangkas have been an important part of Tibetan Buddhist culture for centuries and hold significant religious and artistic value. In summary, Thangkas play a significant role in Tibetan Buddhism by aiding in meditation, conveying Buddhist teachings, preserving Tibetan culture, and serving as objects of devotion.

Feel free to read more on 'Importance of Thangka' page.

What is the symbolism of Thangka and Mandala?

Thangkas and mandalas are filled with rich symbolism that conveys spiritual concepts and teachings to practitioners. They serve as powerful visual aids in meditation and provide a window into the rich symbolism and philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism.

Feel free to read more on 'Thangka & Mandala Symbolism' page.

What is the benefit of Thangka Painting?

Thangka paintings, traditional Tibetan Buddhist paintings, have several benefits.


  • Firstly, they can serve as a meditation aid, helping practitioners to focus their minds and enter a deeper state of meditation.

  • Secondly, they offer spiritual inspiration by reminding viewers of the divine qualities of the Buddha and other enlightened beings.

  • Thirdly, they are an important part of Tibetan culture and serve as a way to preserve the history and traditions of the Tibetan people.

  • Fourthly, Thangka paintings are beautiful and unique decorative art, adding color and detail to any room.

  • Finally, they are believed to have healing properties and can protect against negative energies and spiritual obstacles.

Feel free to read more on 'Benefits of Thangka Painting' page.

Are your Thangkas really the best quality?

We have travelled to the most secluded spots in the Himalayas, visiting hundreds of temples and private art dealers to find the best quality Thangkas.


Depending on the size and quality of details it can take an artist up to three years to complete a single piece, using 24 Carat Gold, Sterling Silver and Himalayan minerals. All our Thangkas are guaranteed to be original, authentic and brand new.


Feel free to visit 'About Us' page to find out more about our journey.

Where do you get your Thangkas from?

All of our paintings come from the original birthplace of Thangkas, which is Nepal, Tibet, North India and Bhutan. The majority of the paintings are made by the Nepalese and Tibetan Lamas, as they are the original holders of the Thangka secrets.

Are there any benefits of owning a Thangka according to Buddhism?

There are a lot of philosophies and studies about the flow and movement of energy within a space and how to guide it to offer the best benefits to the person. Among them, there is Feng Shui which is an ancient Chinese science of harmony and prosperous living. It suggests that one of the best ways to eliminate negative and enhance positive energies around us is to keep the right piece of art.


Other philosophies, such as Indian Vastu Shastra and Japanese Wabi Sabi, agree on this and suggest that the right painting can help bring harmony to peoples’ lives through improving the space where they spend the majority of their time.


Thangkas often use sacred geometry to create perfect geometrical shapes and aesthetic looks, which can help create a sacred space at home. All over Asia, Thangkas are used as spiritual symbols to attract wealth and abundance, as well as a protective tool against any unwanted situations and energies.


To find out more please visit 'Thangka Secrets' page.

What are the paintings dimensions?

All paintings have different dimensions since every painting is unique.


We quote the inner dimensions of every painting, which is the painting's dimension within the coloured frame. Each painting has coloured borders, which measure approximately 5-10 centimeters (1.9-3.9" inches) depending on the size of the painting. These borders can be altered and are usually not displayed when the painting is put in a frame.


Do you sell paintings with the frame?

All our paintings are sold unframed.


How are Thangkas kept?

Thangkas are traditionally kept unframed and rolled up when not on display.

How to frame a Thangka?

To properly frame a Thangka and mandala, we suggest using non-reflective glass and matboards to make cleaning, protection, and preservation more manageable. This prevents the paints from sticking to the glazing and also gives a contemporary design with simple black or gold frames. It is crucial to protect Thangkas from direct sunlight to maintain their beauty and longevity.

How to hang a Thangka?

The paintings are best kept when they are framed. A Thangka should be hung at eye level and with proper lighting. Use a sturdy hanging system, such as a D-ring or wire, and ensure the Thangka is securely fastened to prevent damage.

How to date a Thangka?

Thangkas are traditionally dated using the Tibetan lunar calendar. An expert in Tibetan art and culture can assist with dating a Thangka based on its style and iconography.

How much does a Thangka cost?

The price of a Thangka depends on its quality, size and complexity. It takes an artist over six months and eight hours a day to complete an average Thangka painting. At Gammas Art Gallery, our Thangkas are priced from a few hundred to several thousand British Pounds, representing excellent value for their superior quality and craftsmanship.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We would like our paintings to bring joy and happiness all over the world, that is why we ship globally.

Is it safe to ship the paintings internationally?

We have shipped our paintings to more than 25 countries and we have never had any issues with shipping internationally.


How do you ship paintings?

We ship paintings in specially designed hard cardboard tubes.


What are your shipping times?

We aim to have your items delivered to you within 15 working days from the day of your order. Please note, date of delivery may vary due to carrier shipping practices, delivery location, customs & clearance, method of delivery, and the items ordered.

How to pay customs duty?

Most countries charge customs duty on imported items, which is generally around 20% of the items value but the percentage can vary. Buyer is responsible for any customs duty incurred at the time when the painting passes through the border of buyer's country of origin. This is paid directly to the relevant government bodies in your country. You can track the progress of your delivery through the tracking number you will receive when you buy a painting.


There are currently no customs duty charges on paintings shipped within the European Union. If you need help with finding information about customs duty charges in your country please get in touch with us via and we will try our best to clarify this for you.


Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges. The price you see in the checkout page is the total price you pay.


Do you keep card details?

We do not keep your card details.


Do you do invoicing?

We automatically generate and send you an invoice by email.

What if the painting I am interested in is not available?

Every item is unique and subject to availability. In case the painting you are interested in is not available we will try our best to find something that you may also like.


You can also request a special commission with the painting designed just for you.


Please get in touch with us via if you have any questions.


Do you provide a gift option?

We provide gift options! Just send an email with any requests to


Do you provide installation and interior design advice?

We work with accredited energetic design consultants, who can help you determine the best place to hang the painting at your home or in an office space. Please get in touch with us via and we will pass your request and contact details to the relevant consultant.

Do you have more questions?


Please feel free to get in touch with us via

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