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Thangka painting portrays White Zambala, an iconic symbol in Tibetan art, illustrating the profound meaning and symbolism of the revered Buddhist deity associated with wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.


White Zambala, the God of Wealth, ranks among the most powerful deities in Tibetan art, alongside Yellow Zambala, also known as Kubera. Of the five Wealth Zambalas, White Zambala holds a prominent position in Buddhist symbolism. As a symbol of prosperity and financial abundance, White Zambala is revered for granting wishes and helping to increase wealth. Both spiritual and material abundance are embodied in White Zambala's opulent garments and exquisite jewels.

Clad in opulent garments and adorned with exquisite jewels, White Zambala is typically seated majestically upon a snow lion, tenderly cradling a mongoose named Nehulay. This sacred mongoose is renowned for spewing forth precious jewels, a symbol of boundless riches White Zambala can bestow. In his other hand, he grasps a wealth-granting vase, emphasising his role as a divine provider of prosperity in the realm of Tantra & Tibetan Buddhism.

This striking Thangka painting showcases the intricate details and vibrant colours of Tibetan art, capturing the essence of White Zambala's symbolism. As a visual representation of enlightenment and compassionate wisdom, the artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of generosity and spiritual growth in attaining true wealth and happiness.

White Zambala Thangka by Gammas Art Gallery
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