Exclusive Art from Tibet

Tibetan art called Thangka originates in the Himalayan mountains. Hand-painted in an ancient unique style using 24 Carat Gold, Sterling Silver and precious minerals in Nepal, Thangka paintings have become the first choice for various interior designs.


The secret to premium quality paintings is passed by Buddhist Lamas from generation to generation and has been almost lost to humanity.


Nowadays, Thangka is meant to combine fine art with spirituality, to create a visual spectacle filled with philosophical meaning.

Gammas is the only Tibetan art gallery that sells exclusively premium quality Thangka paintings. Our selection includes paintings that rightly so deserve to be displayed in the best museums and private collections around the world.


Through extensive negotiations and partnerships we have insured that our prices have stayed competitive and are sometimes even cheaper than can be found locally in the Himalayas.


Part of our profits go to charity organizations in Nepal & Tibet so by buying art from our gallery you are contributing to the positive change in the wider Himalayan region.

Office: Berkeley Square, W1J 5AR, London, UK

Email: info@gammas.com